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  • Gremory, Duke
    The seal of Gremory
    The seal of Gomory
    51) Gomory a strong and a mightie duke, he appeareth like a faire woman, with a duchesse crownet about hir midle, riding on a camell, he answereth well and truelie of things present, past, and to come, and of treasure hid, and where it lieth: he procureth the love of women, especiallie of maids, and hath six and twentie legions.
    56) GREMORY, or GAMORI.--The Fifty-sixth Spirit is Gremory, or Gamori. He is a Duke Strong and Powerful, and appeareth in the Form of a Beautiful Woman, with a Duchess's Crown tied about her waist, and riding on a Great Camel. His Office is to tell of all Things Past, Present, and to Come; and of Treasures Rid, and what they lie in; and to procure the Love of Women both Young and Old. He governeth 26 Legions of Spirits, and his Seal is this, etc.
    LVI. GOMORY, a powerful duke, appears like a beautiful woman, wearing a ducal crown.* He discovers past, present and future, as also the whereabouts of hidden treasures; he procures the love of women and especially of girls.

    *And riding on a camel (Wierus).

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    Discliamer: I am a practicing magician, however all products and services are technically for novelty use only.
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