The Enochian magic of Doctor John Dee and Sir Edward Kelly
(as well as various Enochian entities and a few angels of course)

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Next up there are the writings of the late Ben Rowe and the very much still around David R. Johnes, two of the very few people (in my not so humble opinion) who had an excellent grasp on the Enochian system. These archives can be found on the hermetic.com website right about here

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Also, both John Dee and Edward Kelly wrote about more then just Enochian. For example John wrote about mathemetics in an introduction (which is about 15 pages) to a very long treatise on mathematics. Of course, there is also the very well known Heiroglyphic Monad of which he also wrote. I will eventually be getting the Monad up on this site, but for now I beleive there is a copy over at sacred-texts. There is much debate about this of course, but the Tuba Veneris is said to have been written by John Dee as well. In this case it may have been written by him, or he might have copied it from another source... You can find Phil Legard's notes on the Tuba Veneris right about here Once you are done reading that, check out Teresa Burns' article on the Black Venus book here. Of course you also wouldn't want to miss Teresa Burns and Mary Turner's translation of the Tuba Veneris there. Some preffer to see the original manuscript, and you can aquire it (in several versions). One such version (in Latin) can be gotten from The Warburg Institute in London. You would be asking them for FBH 510. While one of the manuscripts is definatly in Dee's handwriting, I'm not sure if this one is the one or not. I will have to do more research into the matter and update this page. Now if you like reading Latin, Joseph Peterson has been so kind as to publish the Tuba Veneris on his website.

While not strictly Enochian, John Dee's personal diary notes can be aquired. They are quite interesting, and contain the daily life of John and the family, in sometimes very intimate detail!

One can also find several biography books about John Dee, and sometimes they even throw in a chapter or two on Edward Kelly. One of these such biographies by Charlotte Fell-Smith can be found over yonder

Then Edward, he wrote several treatices on Alchemy (of course). These writings were published by Waite in 1893, in a now very difficult to find edition. Not that we trust Waite much with anything that requires any scholarship to speak of, but I have yet to hunt down where the original MS may be hiding. Fortunatly also Kessinger has put out a new softcover and low cost edition that can be found at amazon.

The works of Kelly (and the author) covered are:
"Biographal preface" which pretty much trashes on Kelly for a bit.
"The Stone of the Philosophers"
"Certain fragments selected from the letters of Edward Kelly"
"The Humid way, or the discourse upon the vegetable menstruum of Saturn" which I must admit I barely understand a word of, as it is way beyond my knowlege.
"The Theatre of Terrestrial Astronomy"

I will be putting up some more of both John Dee's and Edward Kelly's their works in the near future, so check back from time to time.

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