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Magic Classes!

Want to learn Enochian, but it all just seems so confusing??? Not getting results using those "spirit summoning for dummies" books? You'll need a great teacher for that, and you've found one!

Enochian, Goetia, Skrying and more!

Sterling silver Ring of Solomon

Perfect for talismans or spirit seals

Blank metal discs! Copper, steel, tin, lead, silver, brass

Engraved Spirit Seals!

Are you terrible with an engraver? Every good spirit deserves a proper seal!
Get a real seal and feel the difference that a stone or metal disc makes that has been made by a true practitioner of the art!


Various antique or older pieces created into talismans or already magical.

9' Goetia Circle on canvas or silk!

If you want to properly practice Solomonic magic and call the spirits of the art, you'll need one of these.
Highly recommended for serious practitioners! 9' With snake $849.99 no snake $699.99

Break-up Powder!

Want your ex back? Interested in someone that's already taken? You'll need some of this ;) $19.99

FAQ page

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Here I will try to answer some of the most common frequently asked questions, or ones I think people might ask anyways...

1. Why are you selling this stuff?
When I looked for obscure incenses and good quality grimoire products around the net I didnít find any. I was also very disappointed with a couple of orders I did make, so I decided to offer these products myself.

2. How long have you been doing this for?
Magic about 24 years, online selling of products about 11 years, selling of magical products through a website about 9 years.

3. Do you do custom orders?
Oh yes most defiantly :). Custom orders are generally my favourite to do as they can get quite interesting. So if you are in need of something that you donít see on my website, please enquire to: oipteaapdoce@gmail.com All custom orders are non refundable for obvious reasons, as I cannot sell a custom item to another customer.

4. How do I pay you?
By clicking one of those handy paypal buttons underneath the product description. For custom orders I can send you a payment request. If you live overseas, for not just email and I can send you a payment request with an adjusted postage amount.

5. Iím being eaten by a demon, what do I do? Can you help me?
I will gladly help with the application of the honey mustard dipping sauce. Well OK if you are talking cash, and it isnít due to something too terrible daft on your part, maybe.

6. Will you teach me magic?
Most likely not. However fortunately there are several very good teachers to be found around the internet. If you are really determined, email me with a why you want to learn from me specifically and that you agree to my teaching fee (see the work page for more details). However, just money does NOT guarantee teachings, or what I would teach you.

7. Will you make my talisman/seal/pendant during a specific day and time?
Of course, that is included in the price of any of my products. However if the time is after 11pm and before 8am, then we had better be talking extra reimbursement :).

8. I donít see ____ on your site, can you get it for me?
Most likely, if it is a magical item and not something that is mass produced and easily gotten on any other site. I have the skills to make most magical items, or can acquire them easily. I wonít sell or ship anything illegal though for obvious reasons.

9. What is your exchange/return policy?
If you find the item not up to your quality standards, then you can return it for a refund or exchange if you have not yet used it. With incenses, powders and oils however, there is no return or exchange policy unless the bottle arrives broken. If your item comes apart and it shouldnít, then I can also send a new one out to replace it. With engraved items, I will only send out ones that look good, they arenít going to be picture perfect as they are hand done. So no returns or exchanges on engraved items unless I got the entity wrong or some other obvious error.

10. What are your shipping and handling rates? Where all do you ship to?
$6.99 for items from $9.99-$19.99 then a $2 increment for every $20 thereafter up to $99.99. If you order an item that is particularly heavy there will be an extra charge for shipping. If you order an item that is of a high amount but is very small and light, I will refund the shipping difference after I mail your item. These rates are a bit less then what the post office charges me usually. If you live overseas, just double the shipping rates. I will ship anywhere. I also can ship overnight delivery to anywhere in North America if you donít mind paying $47 for a package less then 1lb, or more for a heavier package.

11. Do you do client work or spell work for people?
Sometimes. It depends entirely on what type of work are needed and what the chances are of the work actually working. I will not do work if I donít think there is a good chance of it working and working well.

12. Will your spellwork/talisman/powder work?
They generally do. However magic works to increase the odds of something. So if you have a hope in hell in the first place, with magic you have a bit less then a hope in hell. If the chances are low in the first place, then there is a chance we can get them up to a higher level. If the chances are about neutral, then generally it will work. Sometimes on a very rare occasion nothing seems to work. Iíve had 3 clients so far where the work I was doing for them didnít work. I have no idea why. They also did work towards the goal on their own before and after (as well as some during) my work, and it still didnít come to be. Fortunately on the other hand, Iíve also had clients where every bit of work I do for them works so well itís amazing, and they seem to have better luck all around.

13. Why donít you get a real job?
I always wonder that about people who work for others doing something they donít enjoy.

14. How soon will you ship my order?
I have gotten a lot better about getting orders out right away, so usually within a few days. However if you have ordered a magical circle, a set of ritual tools, a SDA, or something that takes quite a bit of time to complete, expect waits of anywhere from 1-2 months. Donít worry though, it will be worth it! After you send a payment, I will generally email and let you know how long it will take for your order to ship.

15. Why donít your seals look perfect?
OK, go out and purchase a dremel and a bit of metal. Now engrave one of the seals. Does it look perfect? Does it look like the picture of the seal in the grimoire? Right, engraving takes a lot of practice, but still absolute perfection just isnít going to happen unless one gets one of those engraving machines. However with the engraving machines the seal is no longer hand done and therefore not half as useful.

16. Do you do in person work or teaching?
Depending on the situation and what work I have coming up, I may. Airfare, accommodation, meals, supplies as well as my hourly rate of $25 per hour. I recommend trying my regular services first as they are much more affordable.

17. I want to know your recipe to _____ Or Iím allergic to some ingredients, whatís in your _____?
ROFL nice try. No.

18. Will your working with the Daemons affect me adversely if you do magic for me?
If you go around trashing on the Daemons or talking ill of them, but then ask for their helpÖ yes it is likely there will be adverse affects. I have never had a client report adverse affects from the Daemonís or Angels for that matter, presence.

19. Can I see a photo of ____ and why donít you have a photo on your site of ______?
Just ask, and I may be able to get a photo, perhaps I just havenít put it up yet. However with some items, I donít have a photo because the people who I have made that product for so far have not wanted a photo of theirs on the website. With the Solomonic circles, well mine was already used before I realized I needed a photo ages later, and the last one we sent out, we were trying to get it to the person right away, and forgot about the photos .

20. Why should I shop at your site instead of elsewhere?
I am an actual practitioner that actually works with the spirits I make the seals of. I actually use (or have used in the past) the tools that I make. How many people are selling Goetia seals that donít actually work with the Goetia more then a couple of times? A lot. I have also been taught very good recipes for the powders, incenses, oils and such, as well as been taught methods for making the seals, talismans and amulets work very well.

21. Do you accept cheques or money orders?
No, I have decided not to anymore. Out of all of the people who have asked for my address to send payment, only one person ever did, so that would leave about 20 others with my address for who knows what reason. You can pay with an e-cheque through paypal, or by credit card with paypal. I may also accept bank deposit for large orders.

22. I do not live in the US or Canada how do I order your products?
For small items such as incense and oils, seals and talismans, you just use the regular checkout process. For larger items such as temple supplies, please email to get a shipping quote.

There are so many questions that I see asked online daily, so I thought I would share my views on them.

1. Am I possessed by a demon?
Most likely not, and if you were, it is also highly unlikely that you would be able to type and ask this. The more common thing is obsession. This can occur, albeit very rarely after working with a demon. This is generally overcome by strong will, an uncrossing, salt water, invoking your HGA, invoking a diff being, an exorcism etc. Demons really do have better things to do then possess humans. Most of the posts I see asking about possession, it looks more like just confusing times that we as magicians go through. If you think you are possessed by a demon, try one or all of the methods outlined above.

2. How soon in my magical practice until I can evoke?
I would recommend at LEAST a year of daily magical practice. Better if 2 or more years. You will get better results if you have built up your strength, energy, power, knowledge etc. Also less chance of #1 happening LOL.

3. Do I need to use a triangle and a circle during evocation?
Not necessary, however they do help. The triangle helps with manifestation, and the circle can help with protection if done right. If you are new to magic, I would recommend using all you can!

4. What books do you recommend on magic?
I would say most of them suck, most of the secrets are left out of them, and the newer ones just get more and more watered down each year for the most part. I highly recommend one on one or class teaching, or with a fraternal order or coven etc. For books Agrippa's 3 books on Occult philosophy, Donald Michael Kraig's Modern magic (this is for those new to magic), Franz Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics, Harry M. Hyatt's writings, Maya Darren's Divine Horsemen, Crowley's Magick book 4 (that huge thick one), and Geoffrey Jame's Enochian evocation. I also recommend reading the old grimoires, they can easily be found online in pdf. I recommend reading these grimoires over a few times.

5. What do I need to do to become a powerful magician?
Know yourself. Do a lot of inner work. Daily ritual as well as mystical exercise practice. A lot of study. Think for yourself. Chackra or middle piller work. And of course the Abramelin operation helps greatly.

6. Which websites do you recommend?
Mine of course As well as Joseph Peterson's. That is about it really.

7. How should I start out in magic?
Do some research into the different systems of magic as there are MANY! Then choose the one that you feel the most drawn to. It is not like you can't change later, but stick to one for now. Do all the reading, research and practicing of that system as you can.

8. Enochian?
I get a LOT of questions about Enochian. Basically know that the Golden Dawn changed a LOT of things about Enochian and their version is much different then the original MS of Dee and Kelly's skrying sessions! I see Enochian as a complete system within itself that can be practiced just as easily as say GD magic. However it does at present take a lot more work and research to figure out since it is not laid out in nice little diagrams. I am working on my book to make the system more workable, but in the meantime do the research, it is definatly worth it There is elemental magic, planetary magic, astrological magic etc. etc. within Enochian. And yes, I strongly beleive that it can be worked for both mystical and high magic purposes, as well as for practical purposes.

9. Your website?
Yes, I sell incenses, spell powders and tools that I make myself It has been a dream of mine for years, and I plan on distributing my products eventually, as well as having a physical store eventually. It is extremelly enjoyable for me to make and sell magical products. It is my primary source of income, and yes I am usually short on cash LOL. Like most others, I have spent 20 yrs working at regular jobs and now want to work at something that brings enjoyment as well as helps out fellow practitioners. I also do spellwork for others, tarot readings etc.

10. Why are you always so cranky on OF and Yahoo groups?
Well I don't see it as cranky Basically everyone just goes along with or privatly laughs at the BS posts, personally I don't think that is helping anyone, it is just spreading missinformation further. Also, I tend to get tired of such things as folks quoting from D&D books on necromancy as fact. While most folks may think the things that I say and write, I am one of the very few that voices these things. I will often get people telling me it is about time someone said something. So think about that next time you see a cranky posts from someone

11. Greatest magical achievements?
Actually completing the Abramelin operation and the whole HGA uniting thing. It is far more difficult then it sounds. Helping severely troubled teens get past issues etc. that no one else before me was able to help with. Manifesting what I need when I need it. Overcoming many fears.

12. Why magic?
It increases the probability of events going one's way. The amazing connenction with the universe, beings and other planes. The exploration of things above and beyond what is readily visable/perceivable. The learning about oneself and the universe.

13. What are the most important magical practices and exercises?
Meditation. Daily ritual (of any system) work, chackra work. Connecting with the elements and learning about them.

14. Any other magical suggestions?
Do daily magical work, EVERY day! It really does make a huge difference! Keep up the inner work, it gets rid of what stands in the way of your magic. Do the Abramelin operation, no cheating, the full 6 months. Plan for it, save up etc. What is 6 months out of 60-80 yrs of life? I learned more during that 6 months then in any 5 yr period, and I study and practice regularly.

Discliamer: I am a practicing magician, however all products and services are technically for novelty use only.
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