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Again, we have a blast from the past, at least 10 years old, but enjoy anyways :).

I have started to further research my interest in the paranormal aspects of magic. By this I mean the para science of it all. I will be posting my EVP as well as my photos as time progresses. More often then not most entities will not allow my equipment in the temple or during an evocation; I have found it best for the life of my equipment to abide by these requests. However there is the rare occasion that I get something interesting that I can share online. Fortunately I have found that dead folks, ghosts, usually have no problem whatsoever with me sharing most of my photos and EVP in public.

I will try to provide a bit of a story with each picture or sound sample.


My first entry onto the paranormal page is very recent, from the end of May. I was doing some recording sessions for my LBRP and BRH audio, and my sound engineer who is also a magician and is very experienced with EVP found some interesting stuff in the BRH ritual afterwards. I had specifically asked him to check that particular recording as I figured it might have some voices or tappings on it, and it did. Whenever I perform the vibrational rituals, especially the LBRP and BRH I usually feel like I am hearing voices joining in on the vibrations, which is an awesome experience. This recording makes me wonder though if that is what is actually happening. In this particular case it was during my vibration of LVX and it sounded more like someone correcting my pronunciation LOL.

Here is the full recording of the BRH here

LUXvoxOutA.mp3 is the section (approx 23 seconds into the full BRH recording) where the EVP voice was noticed. Most of Athena's voice has been removed by subreactive noise reduction so the "extra" voice can be heard more clearly.
This EVP sound file can be heard here

LUXvoxOutFastA.mp3 is the same sound sample, but sped up 200% to bring it into a range of pitch where it is easier to recognize as speech.
This EVP sound file can be heard here


Ectoplasm and Orbs!

The last town that I lived in was called Bellingham, and it is located in Washington State just an hour over the border. I would make regular excursions to the local graveyard, mostly at night, but sometimes during sunset. It was a pretty active cemetery as far as cemeteries go and had a lot of interesting spirits. There are a lot of local legends about that cemetery as well, I will add those as I get the time and motivation. The local legends include demons, a witch who cursed the town (yeah other than the lame claims made about me LOL) who now rests in that graveyard, as well as an angel statue that cries blood.

When I would go to visit the cemetery I would always bring offerings, and would make my usual rounds visiting the most talkative and present of spirits. The most talkative and present were not the always most friendly however. One odd thing that I noticed about the Bellingham cemetery is that I would usually end up quite nauseous and disoriented after each trip. This was cured with a cleansing bath when I got home always, but was quite an interesting affect that I have not found at most other graveyards. Btw, if you run into this sort of trouble with your graveyard workings, I have some awesome baths here. (comming soon).

One of the dead folks that I would visit regularly was Guaddette. Looking at these photos, no wonder I came home with ill effects LOL. He was not the most friendly of deads, but had an extremely strong presence, made vocal sounds once in awhile (nothing I could make out though) and had this odd habit of appearing beside or behind you or your friends at times. In this photo I got quite a bit of ectoplasm. It was on a clear night, with no moisture in the air.

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An article defunking many of the popular misconceptions (well according to the author) about ghost hunters

1. Only contact ghost hunters or ghost hunting organizations that have a phone number ontheir website. Phone numbers prove that it is not some sort of con game.

PARTIALLY TRUE--It isn't hard for people to get prepaid cell-phones these days or buy cell-phones off the black market. Even if it's a non cell number, there is no way to tell if the person actually lives there or is just house-sitting. But it at least helps weed some out if you call the number and nobody there knows anything about a "ghost-hunting" organization.

Serious investigators may not list a phone number on their website for the very same reasons you wouldn't. But they'd most likely be willing to provide one on request after they've exchanged enoughemail with you to know that you are serious.


2. Never trust ghost hunters who do not give their full name on their websites. Real ghost hunters always use their full names on the internet.

FALSE--You have no way of knowing just from looking at the website if these "full names" are really the "investigators" or not. They could be names taken out of a phone book at random to inspire confidence. Putting your full name *anywhere* on the web is risky these days, due to identity theft. Even many colleges are discouraging their own staff from putting up full names or other personal information because of possible identity theft. The investigator(s) also might not wish to be exposed to public ridicule or harassment.

So, if you can't go by just them having a phone number, and if an alleged "real name" is no guarantee of the investigator not turning out to be an imposter, nutcase, or criminal, what can you do? Well, what I'd suggest is with any investogator or "ghost busting team" you contact, use email first if possible. Then a few phone calls, preferably with you calling them. If you decide that they might be on the level, meet somewhere public to discuss them actually doing an investigation (have a trusted friend come along and also have a tusted friend who knows where you went and who you were supposed to meet in case you end up on the missing person's list) and ask to see ID when you meet. Not some hoked up "paranormal investigator credentials", but real ID like a Driver's license, etc. Then take another 24 hours (at least) to think about it before letting them actually visit you home. Obviously have at least one friend (preferably two) with you when they visit, and make sure at least one has a cell phone with the local Police Department or emergency number pre-programmed, just in case.


3. You should judge any possible ghost hunter or paranormal investigation team by the quality of their website and the material on it.

FALSE--"Quality material" can be copied off anybody's website. It happens all the time. A pretty site does not mean the person or alleged team is competent to investigate or to possibly help you to deal with problems. A crude site or one that doesn't have a ton of pictures doesn't necessarilly indicate that the person or group isn't good at suchinvestigations, just that they maybe aren't the best at building websites.


4. Check their qualifications as ghost hunters. Ask for references and proof of how long they've been ghost hunting, especially in cases involving private residences.

FALSE--How are you supposed to know how to check their qualifications? If you knew that much about such investigations, logically you'd be handling your situation yourself! A conscientious investigator will NOT provide evidence of how long they have been involved in investigations of private residences, since such a claim could only be validated by basically giving references. You wouldn't want it made public that you live in a haunted house or are having paranormal problems, any more than any other sane person. Good investigators will tell you how long they've been working with such things, and will not mind providing some form of verifiable and valid ID. After that, you have to use your own good judgement.


5. Never trust ghost hunters who dabble in magic, the occult or offer "magical cleansings" of homes. Such things are never a part of a legitimate investigation. Check their website or ask, because real ghost hunters and paranormal researchers never offer such services.

FALSE--Maybe "ghost hunters" don't offer such services. But people who are experienced in both magical/spiritual work AND paranormal investigation certainly may! If you're actually having a problem, ask up front if the investigators will be able to DO anything to help you if they actually happen to detect anything. A lot of the so called "ghost hunters" are self-styled pseudoscientific amateurs who just want to bring a bunch of unknown gadgets into your home and wander around, playing with their toys, disrupting your routine and possibly messing with your belongings. The most some of them hope to accomplish is to get new pictures and recordings to put up on their website to try and build up their reputation.

For that matter, get a guarantee *in writing* that they will not put up any pictures of your home, disclose any details about where you live (including what city) or show any pictures of the exterior of your home without your express written permission. And do NOT give them that permission, since it would leave you more vulnerable to burglary and other crimes by giving possible detailed information about the layout of your home.

Why should you act as a guinea pig so that some self-styled "researcher" can get more fans for their website? Why should your personal safety and maybe your local reputation be at risk so they can play scientist and build up their reputation as "legitimate ghost hunters"?

If you feel you actually need help, because you feel there is something ghostly in your house that either makes you uncomfortable or maybe even poses a real danger, then look for a professional who can advise you on what you can do, check the place out if necessary, and maybe even help you get your life back to normal.

Since "ghost hunting" is NOT considered a legitimate scientific pursuit (except as a very small branch of a few colleges' psychology departments), that means you may need the services of a competent spiritual or magical worker if you actually are having a problem. But hey, if you are just curious and want to let somebody check out your home because it might be neat to know if you *might* be living in a haunted house, then you don't actually need a professional.


6. Legitimate ghost hunters or paranormal investigators will not charge for their services. If you are asked to pay for an investigation, then you should look for something else. Real ghost hunters will only ask you to reimburse them for costs.

CAUTION--"Reimbursement for their expenses" sounds pretty harmless, but that can add up to a LOT of money really fast. If you talk to one person and have a good feeling about letting them check out your home, and then they show up with three vans full of gear and a staff of a dozen or so investigators? Guess who's going to be getting stuck with some very heavy travel expenses and possibly motel or hotel bills? But I'm sure that there are people that don't mind shelling out a lot of hard cash so an amateur club can have a little vacation do their hobby. Expenses may be a reasonable thing to pay if they are not officially charging, but make sure you know ahead of time what those expenses are likely to add up to and what they will include. Even amateurs should be able to figure out an estimate.

If you are having a ghost hunter or ghost hunting team check out your house just because you are curious about whether there may be ghosts there, then you shouldn't be expected to pay for their hobby anyway. Covering the expenses is something you might do if you are very curious and there are no local groups to investigate your house.

But if you're looking for professionals because you have problems or discomfort that may be due to some sort of haunting, then the hobbyists aren't who you should be talking to anyway. Find a professional that you feel good about trusting, preferably one who has worked for people you know and where they were happy with the results and felt that any fees charged were reasonable.


7. Legitimate ghost hunters never contact YOU to ask if an investigation may be conducted on your property. Real ghost hunters and paranormal investigators will always wait to be contacted by you.

FALSE--If there is a possibility that the phenomena are *not* just in your home, then reputable investigators might ask if there are others in the area that might not mind talking about anything odd they may have noticed. In such a case, the investigators usually will not want to say what sort of thing has been noticed where until they have checked out the area. Radiation and EMF hazards often affect whole neighborhoods and cancause at least some of the symptoms of hauntings and other paranormal phenomenon. If they've seen signs that might indicate such problems, they maybe checking to see how widespread they may be before reporting it to the proper public safety authorities for proper investigation. But if they tell people they're looking for odd temperature differences or feelings of dizziness, then more people may remember them than have actually had them. So usually they'd ask to talk to you and explain what they're doing, and only explain why they are concerned about your area when they have enough data that they can advise the local residents that they should consider filing a complaint.

"Products and services on this site are "for entertainment purposes only", and as is obvious by my articles, I am a practitioner and fully beleive in my practice, path and items.
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