Greater Key of Solomon

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Greater Key of Solomon talismans lost wax cast or hand engraved options. We now offer engraved pentacles of Solomon. Each pentacle is created in sacred space and engraved into the appropriate pure metal, or parchment as listed. These pentacles are not blessed and consecrated as many magicians choose to do that for themselves. If you wish to have your pentacle consecrated and fumigated with the proper incense simply click on the "consecrate me" button There are two choices for your pentacles, they can either be made on the planetary day during the planetary hour *or*, they can be made during the time specified in the GKoS "in the days and hours of Mercury, when the Moon is in an aërial or terrestrial sign; she should also be in her increase, and in equal number of days with the Sun." So when you order please specify which metal, and which astrological timing you would like your pentacle engraved during. While I do mention the metal most often associated with each plent for these talismans, I also offer each talisman drawn on virgin genuine parchment Vermilion Red, and/or celestial or brilliant Azure Blue. (as per the GKoS instructions)

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