Agrippa's fixed stars

Henry Cornelius Agrippa astrological fixed star talismans. These are gemstone ring talismans created as per the instructions in his Three Books of Occult Philosophy. We use a within 1 degree window, as we prefer it over even 2 degrees out. The energy does seem to definitely change in this time frame.

Talismanic Rings<

I have created several of the rings specified by Henry Cornelius Agrippa in his Three Books of Occult Philosophy. I have found them to work extremely well! Agrippa definiitely knew what he was doing when it came to talismans! The way I have created these rings for myself is to use the stone specified by him, as well as to either quench the ring in the juice or tea of the herb/s recommended and/or place the herb underneath the stone if the ring design allows this. These rings do work in general, but if you wish to have one start to work extra strongly for a particular time, you have to tap it with your finger. Or at least that is the method which seemed to work best for me. For example the memory ring can be inconspiciously tapped during a conversation to remember certain facts or literature.

To properly make a magical ring Agrippa states:

Chapter xlvii. Of Rings, and their compositions.

Rings also, which were always much esteemed of by the Ancients, when they are opportunely made, do in like manner impress their vertue upon us, in as much as they do affect the spirit of him that carries them with gladness or sadness, and render him courteous, or terrible, bold, or fearfull, amiable, or hatefull; in as much as they do fortifie us against sickness, poisons, enemies, evill spirits, and all manner of hurtfull things, or, at least will not suffer us to be kept under them. Now the manner of making these kinds of Rings, is this, viz. when any Star ascends fortunately, with the fortunate aspect, or conjunction of the Moon, we must take a stone, and Hearb [herb] that is under that Star, and make a Ring of the Metall that is sutable [suitable] to this Star, and in it fasten the stone, putting the Hearb [herb], or root under it; not omitting the inscriptions of images, names, and Characters, as also the proper suffumigations”.

Then later in the first book he lists the stars along with which herbs and stones are used to work with them. In the second book he tells us which magics can be used with each star and the images to be engraved onto the stones. “These are the images of some of the fixed stars which they command to be ingraven on their stones under them.”

I have made several of these rings over the years, and have found Agrippa’s method of engraving the image onto the stone and wearing the ring to be extremely affective. Since I make magical rings on a regular basis using gemstones, I thought I should offer the Agrippa talismanic rings as well.

With each of things rings I either purchase a new ring or make a ring with a large precious or semi-precious gemstone setting. I use the gemstones recommended by Agrippa for this. I will then cleanse the ring of all previous energies and influences using various methods. Next I engrave the appropriate image onto the ring during the best election I can find in a within particular time period. Lastly, still during the favorable election, I will add the specially prepared herb to underneath the ring as stated by Agrippa. I will also usually add the star symbol onto the gemstone, either on the side or back, or even front if there is room.

I just use the best election for the ring itself when deciding on when to engrave them. However, if you would like to have the ring specific to you and your birthchart I will gladly do that as well. I work with a very experienced astrologer who can use your chart to figure out the best time for me to engrave the ring specifically for you so that it will work the best for you in particular. This can be an amazing combination and is by far the best option if you can afford it. Add $99.99 to have the ring's engraving time specific to your chart

(free computer generated birthchart included if you would like one)

Now keep in mind that the images on the rings are hand drawn by me with a jeweler’s engraving tool, they just aren’t going to be perfect masterpieces. Fortunately I can draw decently well and have been drawing for my entire life, however the gemstones in the rings tend to be only 1/2-1” in size. While this is extremely large for a precious gemstone, this is very small to create a work of art onto :>. Needless to say, I will try my best with the images described, and will remake the ring if it doesn’t look very good. However I don’t offer refunds or exchanges just because the image isn’t perfectly formed.

The first is called the

Head of Algol

, and amongst stones, rules over the Diamond, amongst Plants, black Hellebor, and Mugwort.

under the head of Algol, they made an image whose Figure was the head of a man with a bloody neck; they report that

it bestoweth good success to Petitions, and maketh him who carrieth it bold and magnanimous, and preserveth the members of the body sound: also it helpeth against Witchcraft, and reflecteth evil indeavors [endeavors] and wicked incantations upon our adversaries


I offer an Algol ring made of sterling silver with 3 diamonds, and image of a man’s severed head. Since no one can afford a diamond large enough to engrave into I engrave the top of the ring in between the diamonds. Mugwort is also placed within the ring itself. This ring is engraved during an auspicious time for Algol.

Sterling silver Algol ring with 3 diamonds $999.99.


Also Available:

Gold Algol ring with 3 diamonds $2999


The second are

the Pleiades,

or seven Stars, which amongst stones, rule over Crystall, and the stone Diodocus; amongst Plants, the Herb Diacedon, and Frankincense, and Fennill [fennel]: and amongst Metals, Quick-silver [quicksilver].

Under the constellation of Pleiades, they made the image of a little Virgin, or the Figure of a Lamp; its reported to

increase the light of the eyes, to assemble Spirits, to raise Winds, to reveal secret and hidden things:

I offer a Pleiades ring made of either pure quartz crystal, of silver with a quartz stone or of zinc with a quartz stone. Frankincense and fennel are also added to the ring with the image of a lamp or a virgin (your choice).

Pure quartz crystal (not reformed) Pleiades ring $499.99


The third is the Star


which hath under it, amongst stones, the Carbuncle, and Ruby: amongst Plants, the Milky Thistle, and Matry-silva.

Under Adlebora [sic. Aldeboran], they made an image after the likeness of God, or of a flying man;

it giveth riches and honor:

I offer an Aldeboran star ring with either a ruby or garnet stone, engraved with the image of a God or flying man. I also add milky thistle to the ring.

Sterling silver ruby Aldeboran ring

Garnet Aldeboran ring

The fourth is called

the Goat-Star / Capella,

which rules, amongst stones, the Saphir [sapphire], amongst Plants, Horehound, Mint, Mugwort, and Mandrake.

Under the Goat they made an image, the Figure of which was, as it were, a man willing to make himself merry with musical instruments;

it maketh him who carrieth it acceptable, honored and exalted before Kings and Princes; and helpeth the pain of the teeth:

I offer a Goat star ring with a large engraved yellow sapphire, with the image of a man with a musical instrument. I use yellow sapphire because I have found this stone in particular to be the best for honour and being well thought of. I also add mint and mandragora to the ring.

Sterling silver and yellow sapphire Goat star ring

The fifth is called

the great Dog-star / Sirius,

which amongst stones, rules over the Berill [beryl]: amongst Plants, Savin, Mugwort and Dragonwort: and amongst Animals the tongue of a Snake.

Under the greater Dog-star, they made the image of an Hound and a little Virgin;

it bestoweth honor and good will, and the favor of men, and Aerial spirits, and giveth power to pacifie and reconcile Kings, Princes, and other men:

I offer a Greater Dog star ring with the image of a hound and little virgin engraved onto a Beryl. I also include mugwort and dragonwort in the ring and even a snake’s tongue if you wish.

To add a snake’s tongue to your ring $199.99
Must add one of the above rings to add this to your cart.

The sixth is called

the lesser Dog-star / Procyon,

and, amongst stones, rules over Achates [agates]: amongst Plants the Flowers of Marigold, and pennyroyal.

Under the lesser Dog-star they made the image of a Cock, or of three little maides;

it conferreth the favor of the gods, of spirits, and men; it giveth power against Witchcrafts, and preserveth health:

Sterling silver Lesser dog star ring with agate

The seventh is called

the Heart of the Lyon / Regulus,

which amongst stones, rules over the Granate; amongst Plants, Sallendine, Mugwort and Mastick.

Under the Heart of Leo, they made the image of a Lion or Cat, or the Figure of an honorable Person sitting in a Chair;

it rendreth a man temperate, appeaseth wrath, and giveth favour:

Heart of the Lion sterling silver and granite ring $499.99Heart of the Lion ring in Gold with granite $1999.99

The eighth is

the Taile of the lesser Bear / Polaris,

which amongst stones, rules over the Loadstone, amongst Hearbs [herbs], Succory, whose leaves, and Flowers turn towards the North, also Mugwort, and the flowers of Perwinckle [periwinkle]; and amongst Animals the tooth of a Wolf.

Under the tail of Vrsa Major [Ursa Major] they made the image of a pensive Man, or of a Bull, or the Figure of a Calf;

it availeth against incantations, and maketh him who carrieth it secure in his travels:

Sterling silver Tail of the Lesser Bear ring with lodestone $499.99Lesser bear tail ring in Gold with lodestone $1999.99

The ninth is called the

Wing of the Crow (Corvus) / Gienah

, under which, amongst stones, are such stones as are of the Colour of the black Onyx stone: amongst Plants the Bur, Quadraginus, Henbane, and Comfrey; and amongst Animals the tongue of a Frog.

Under the wing of Corvus, they made the image of a Raven, or Snake, or of a black Man cloathed in black; this

maketh a man cholerick, bold, couragious, full of thoughts, a backbiter, and causeth naughty dreams; also it giveth the power of driving away evil spirits, and of gathering them together; it is profitable against the malice of Men, Devils and Winds:

Corvus sterling silver ring with onyx $499.99. Please specify if you would prefer it for the former purpose or the latter.Corvus ring in Gold with onyx $1999.99

The tenth is called


which hath under it, amongst stones, the Emrald [emerald]: amongst Plants, Sage, Trifoile, Perwinkle [periwinkle], Mugwort, and Mandrake.

Under the Spike they made the image of a Bird, or of a man laden with Merchandize;

it conferreth riches, and maketh one overcome contentions, it taketh away scarcity and mischief:

Sterling silver Spica ring with an emerald stone

The eleventh is called

Alchamech / Arcturus,

which amongst stones, rules over the Jasper: amongst Plants the Plantain.

Under Alchameth they made the image of an Horse or Wolf, or the Figure of a man dancing;

it is good against Feavers, it astringeth and retaineth the bloud [blood]:

Alchamech sterling silver ring with a jasper stone $499.99.Alchamech ring in Gold with jasper $1999.99

The twelfth is called

Elpheia / Alphecca,

under this, amongst stones, is the Topaze; amongst Plants, Rosemary, Trifoile, and Ivy.

Under Elphrya, they made the image of an Hen, or of a man crowned and advanced;

it bestoweth the good will and love of men, and giveth chastity.

Elphrya sterling silver ring with a topaz stone $499.99Elphrya ring in Gold with topaz $1999.99

The thirteenth is called the

Heart of the Scorpion / Antares,

under which, amongst stones, is the Sardonius, and Amethist [amethyst]; amongst Plants long Aristolochy, and Saffron.

Under the Heart of Scorpio they made the image of a man armed, and with a coat of Male [mail], or the Figure of a Scorpion;

it giveth understanding and memory, it maketh a good colour, and aideth against evil spirits, and driveth them away, and bindeth them:

Heart of Scorpio ring in sterling silver with an amethyst stone $499.99<

The fourteenth is the

Falling Vulture / Vega,

under which, amongst stones, is the Chrysolite: amongst Plants Succory, and Fumitary.

Under the Vulture, they made the image of a Vulture or Hen, or of a traveller;

it maketh a man magnanimous and proud, it giveth power over devils and beasts.

The fifteenth is the

Taile of Capricorn / Deneb Algedi

under which, amongst stones, is the Chalcedone [chalcedony]: amongst Plants, Majoram [marjoram], Mugwort, and Nip [catnip], and the root of Mandrake.

Under the tail of Capricorn they made the image of an Hart, or Goate, or of an angry man;

it bestoweth prosperity, and increaseth wrath.

Tail of Capricorn ring with a Chalcadony stone $499.99<

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