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Sometimes folks are confused about how to work Enochian magic.  This is perfectly understandable considering the complexity of the system, especially when it comes to the Loagaeth giant 49X49X49 squares! Fortunately, as complex as Enochian magick is, it is also basic as far as working the system goes.  We often think of performing elaborate rituals, calling upon dozens of Angels, and trying to study the meaning of the particular part of the system beforehand.  We also often think that we may need a few decades of experience within Enochian to be able to work within it.  Honestly, Enochian magic is extremely easy, and most beginners can pull if off.  Where the problems will come in, and why prior experience is essential, in at least some form of magic, is so that the practitioner can stay grounded and sane after the intense working which Enochian provides.  Many people feel that Enochian is extremely dangerous; really the danger lays in the fact that it works, and works well.  

Fortunately within the Enochian system of magick, the requisite prayers, conjurations, summonings, and honourings, are all already provided.  Of course these are in Dee and Kelly's words, as well as their belief systems.  The odd name can be changed here and there, from my personal experience, but the rest should not be changed at all in my opinion.  Also, the Enochian calls / keys are extremely efficient, and work extremely well when both preparing the space and calling upon specific Enochian entities.  How Enochian magick was originally performed was simply by reciting various Enochian calls, and prayers, then skrying and communicating with each spirit.  That is all!  That is how John Dee and Edward Kelly performed it (and Edward Talbot before Kelly).  They did not perform modern complex rituals, they performed spiritual practices to prepare as well as protect the space of working.  This is how I recommend working with the Loagaeth Enochian entities as well.  Call them up and talk with them.  They will tell you how the work needs to be performed.

The Loagaeth tables are sort of similar to the great table.... but 49-fold so to speak ;).  I do most definitely recommend working with the great table entities for quite some time before venturing into the 49X49 tables.  On the other hand, do not wait forever, or completely ignore and avoid this work if you feel ready for it.  The main problem with the Loagaeth tables is that we have no concrete idea of the specific names within each one.  We do have a seed word, and/or perhaps name written above each tablet fortunately, and we can start there.  We can also call upon the great table Enochian Angels, and ask them the best way to approach the Loagaeth spirits and how to derive the names.  

I do have my own theories of how the names are derived from the 49x49 Loagaeth Enochian tablets, however, the is my impressions, my ideas, and what I received from skrying.  Personally I was given a vision of them divided up in close to the same manner as the Enochian great table.  This is perhaps only true for myself, or perhaps is also useful for others as well.  I will be adding more detail as I extract the thousands of names (eep lol).  Essentially though, it is the Seniors (not sure what they are referred to as in this case), Sub quarter Angels, Central cross Enochian entities, and so forth.  The confusing part, and I think that only something one could figure out using a high powered computer, is how all 49 of the tables combine together, overlap and/or each square rotating to create a different access point within the 3d, 4d, 49d cube.  

Another method of working these particular Loagaeth squares as well as the cube, is to out of body travel into it.  I do recommend the version with Enochian lettering to understand the essence of them.  If performing this particular method, again I caution that it is essential to have a decent amount of previous out of body experience, traveling other more well known regions of the magical universe.  To start off the journey, it is best to  have one of the Enochian entities which you work with regularly, to accompany you on the travel.  If there isn't one in particular which you regularly work with, or know extremely well, you can call upon Lexarp, Comanan, and Tabitom from the central cross of the great table.  They will find one of the friendly and knowledgeable Enochian Angels to act as your tour guide on the journey.  

 Here are a few ideas I have come up with on how to extract the various names from these tables.  


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