Lemegeton Goetia Grimoire

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The Lemegeton, also known as the "Lesser Key of Solomon," is a 17th century grimoire, or magical text, that purports to contain a complete system for summoning and controlling spirits. The text is attributed to King Solomon, the legendary biblical king known for his wisdom and magical powers, and is said to have been passed down through the centuries by a secret tradition of practitioners of magic.

The Lemegeton is divided into five books, or "keys," each of which deals with a different aspect of magical practice. The first key, "The Goetia," provides instructions for summoning and controlling 72 demons, as well as details about their appearance, powers, and the methods by which they can be bound. The second key, "The Theurgia-Goetia," deals with the summoning and control of angels, while the third key, "The Ars Paulina," focuses on the use of magic for divination and the attainment of specific desires. The fourth key, "The Ars Almadel," deals with the creation of magical talismans and amulets, and the fifth key, "The Ars Notoria," contains a series of prayers and rituals for attaining knowledge and wisdom.

The Lemegeton has been widely influential within the Western magical tradition and has inspired numerous other grimoires and magical texts. It is considered a classic work of magical literature and has been widely studied and used by practitioners of magic.

Despite its popularity, the Lemegeton has also been the subject of controversy and criticism. Some have questioned the authenticity of the text and its attribution to King Solomon, arguing that it is a later fabrication with no historical basis. Others have criticized the text's reliance on demonic powers and its potential to be used for nefarious purposes.

Regardless of these debates, the Lemegeton remains a significant and fascinating text in the history of Western magic, and continues to be an object of study and fascination for those interested in evocation.

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