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Spellwork, talismans, spell powders and other items are in the categories above as well; to get things fixed up.


Spellwork done for You

Would you like a little enhancement in your life?

Perhaps a specific love interest, something to heat up the passion between you and another? 
Maybe you would like help getting that raise or finding a job that you enjoy?
Or even some magic to enhance your own spell work.

Some ideas for your custom spell can include one of the items below....

Acquiring a job, 
Attracting that special someone, 
Breakup a couple or friends 
Finding a good deal on an apartment or house to rent or purchase, 
Work on your boss, 
Strengthen or liven up a relationship, 
Enhancement of magical powders or psychic ability, 
Make someone move, 
Reconcile a friendship 
Help with immigration

Please keep in mind that these spells work very well, however effort must also be put in from you for them to work. I can work all the spells I have for you to get a job, but if you don't get up off the couch and go job hunting, there is no way for them to manifest. The more effort that you put in, the better the results will be. Your effort allows the spell more options of how to manifest, as well as making it stronger.

Magical work is sometimes needed in our lives to get us past those annoying situations that seem to stagnant. I also believe that a fair price should be charged for the amount of work put in. I do not charge more than I feel a working is worth, and the time as well as supplies that I put into a working.

When asking about magical work, please be as specific as you can, and provide as much information as you can. I will accept a lot of work, however there are some things I cannot, or will not do. 
The spells work much better with the more information that you supply, for example photos of the people involved, complete names, personal items etc. However this is not needed, it just helps.

>Client work 

I have been doing client work professionally for about 14 years now (non-professionally for about 26), and have found it to be quite effective. If the work is on another person, while I don't need a link object, it helps a LOT. To work for you in most cases I will need a link object however. After you send payment I will give you my shipping address to send such things. For client work I charge an hourly rate, depending on the type of work needing done. For an “hour” I count the time I take to setup the candle for example, but not the entire time it burns. If I am doing an evocation, that will likely take a couple of hours of preparation and calling. In most cases all of the supplies I use are included in the price. However from time to time I may ask you to pay for the offerings for the invisibles (above and beyond any regular), rewards/trades they request (which you may have to do at your end), or the cost of an engraved seal if that is required. This sort of thing I can let you know ahead of time, and is usually optional anyways. 

For me to do client work for you, I need details. I will not share these details with others, but they are important. Your name, where you live, the names of anyone else involved, and photos if possible are all required. The more accurately you can describe the situation the better the magic works. I have found that people tell me the barest details, then after the work is started suddenly tell me a bunch of factors that would make the work a lot harder and that it would have helped to have known in the first place. So please do be as up front as you can in the beginning. I am not judgmental, and if I don't want to do the work, or feel I can't, the information will be deleted and forgotten. 

In most cases you do not have to pay any extra for all of the supplies used with my work!

Some of the areas I work best with are: 

-help with getting money, finding a job, getting a steady income, business success -motivation, inspiration, love, lust, creativity -protection, cleansing, banishing, spirit removal -healing and health, enhancing the work of doctors and surgeons -General good luck, gambling luck, long term luck -having a person move out of your life, getting rid of an enemy, helping your enemy to have a miserable week -spiritual connection, magical enhancements, setting up working relationships with various invisibles. 


"Products and services on this site are "for entertainment purposes only", and as is obvious by my articles, I am a practitioner and fully beleive in my practice, path and items.
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