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This is one of the most asked questions, how do I get rid of anything from some nasty energy to a deadly curse, and anything in between. The good news is that most cursework and negative energy is extremely easy to get rid of!

Salt bath:

1. Take 9 tablespoons of salt and place them in a dish
2. Take about one cup of water and place it in another dish
3. Ask the Deity of your choice to bless the salt
4. Ask the Deity of your choice to bless the water
5. Mix them together while saying your desire for cleansing and purification out loud
6. Run your bath (well actually this would have already started beforehand)
7. Place the mixed salt and water into your bath
8. Take off your clothes and place them in the washing machine with a second batch of the salt water
9. Get into the bath. While laying in the bathtub state your desire for cleansing and purification out loud. You may also do an appropriate prayer at this time
10. Wash in strokes away from you
11. Dunk your head 9 times. Also make sure all areas of your body get under water at some point
12. Unplug the plug, and then step out of the bath
13. Immediately smoke yourself with frankincense incense. Make sure it is the resin kind, not the stick kind. 
14. Do not towel dry; either put on your clothes while you are still damp, or just air dry
15. Do not talk with anyone that you are presently arguing with or who has negative energy for at least half an hour after the bath

You can take the above bath once for something light, 3 days in a ROW for something a little stronger, or 9 days in a row for something really strong. Do not take too many 9 days in a row salt baths though as this may weaken your energetic field. You can purchase frankincense here

Van van bath:

This is the same as the bath above, but you would pour 1/3 of your bottle of van van into the water. Make sure to also use the frankincense smoke afterwards.

You can purchase van van here

Cleansing your house

To cleanse your house and temple, you would follow the exact same directions as above, but instead of putting yourself into the bath, you would instead sprinkle the salt water around your house while reciting over and over that this above is now cleansed and purified. You may also say a personal prayer during this time. Make sure to burn the frankincense incense right afterwards.

You can also use van van to cleanse your house. This is a wonderful method for getting rid of negative energies, as well as any negative magic others have placed on you or your home. I have found that it can also clear out a house after arguments. Try it on your inlaws house when they aren't looking!

Keeping unwanted spirits away

You can also keep negative entities away from your house, and even get rid of many you don't wish around by using the above techniques. If however you find that you still have a problem, I recommend working with some of my banishing or purification incenses. You may also wish to try some of my stronger house spritzers, or floor and wall washes.

I will be updating this section in the future to include some other techniques for keeping unwanted spirits away. The techniques will be for more experienced practitioners as they will involve spirit summoning.

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