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This article comes with a pretty big trigger warning. In other words, perhaps don’t read it when in public, or right before something really important, or if you don’t feel in a place to want to go there right now.

Magic is a system of spiritual progression, as well as internal and external exploration. What it is not is just a free way to experience a horror movie, a high, or cheap thrills. I fully get that we are all exploring ourselves, our realities, and the extreme circumstances we have been through. Many have experienced things which are far far outfield of regular occurrences, even on the mundane level of reality. Society obviously (imo), does not have nearly enough tools to help folks to resolve deep profound, good or bad, experiences. Of course there are things which are in place which some are fortunate enough to happen upon, but this is never a large portion of the population.

Also, many are more drawn to, or comfortable with the more occult, spiritual or hidden forces to explain things. This is most especially true if the strongest memories and/or experiences one has had involved a very strong psychic component. Or perhaps that the person is naturally psychically open and has always experienced the world in this way, and has always seen beyond the known.

Now that I have started with explaining some of the reasons why the occult is searched into, I will state that far too often folks approach magic with the approach of not only perceiving it as dark, scary, evil an maligned, but actually actively want this with their occult experience. Before we get all judging here, I have to point out that everyone chases down their dark passions or experiences in very different ways. Some go with the occult, others substance abuse, others relationships… it goes on and on. We didn’t come in here enlightened, and not everyone has just had a peaceful not much happening, most things going smoothly existence.

For the most part, we are not aware of what we are after, or searching for, or more deeply searching to resolve. Even if we understand it on an intellectual level, how much have we come to terms with our inner workings? When something major and unforgettable (or perhaps on the other side of things completely suppressed and forgotten), it makes a major impact on our lives, and really can flavor our existence.

Of course, we are all excellent at faking it


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